Sunday, March 3, 2013

Stay Calm and Get Your Bard On

Over the last four years I have had the privilege of watching an incredible community form in New York City. Artists and lovers of the arts come together in a small room each Tuesday evening to share their work, their ideas, their wants, dreams, and fears. They push and support each other. They help everyone in that room to realize their own potential and give each other the tools to continue to grow.

I started this group four years ago not to become a teacher but to provide a space where we all can continue to blossom and mature at our own rate.

What I'm trying to eventually get at is the room became such a beautiful and fulfilling place that I wanted to figure out how to bring what happens in the room OUT of the room, all the while keeping the integrity of what happens in the the room.


Each post will discuss questions, challenges, successes and/or ideas that "we" may have. Will it always revolve around Shakespeare? Probably not. Ideas founded in Shakespeare are often applicable outside of Shakespeare. Ideas like "Honesty in Comedy", "Truth of Spoken Words", "The Bravery of Failure".

These are all tools we've found useful in our workshop and we hope to be able to discuss them, and more, here. Comments are always welcome. The one rule have, much like in our workshops/classes/rehearsals is a respect of each other and each others views.

Tyler Moss
Artistic Director,
The Shakespeare Forum

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